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May 22 2018

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May 21 2018



why is it that in liberal circles “transphobe” seems to hold a much heavier weight than “homophobe”

You know why







Your mother probably bought you mega blocks instead of Legos

No, I always just had Legos. Lego had a better understanding of sex and gender than all the trannies on tumblr united.

If you are saying that toy blocks have anything to do with sex and gender there really is no hope for your idiotic brain

omg, one of those… listen, Lego KNEW being a woman/girl or a man/boy has NOTHING to do with your personality, interests os tastes. Unlike transactivism garbo propaganda, that talks about “feminine feelings” and “male brain”, which is not supported by scientists at all. Examples:

At least that’s the Lego I grew up with. Yall dumb teens have so much sexist garbage now, like kinder for “girls” and for “boys”. So shut the fuck up and listen, cause you’re out of your depth. 

Those ads are sweet. Reminds me of why me kid has a huge box of those

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This Is Not My Cat

Via Pleated-Jeans.com

Funfact, stray cats who were previously house cats (often abandoned in strange areas away from their homes) will sometimes go into whatever house they can find, because they know they belong in a house.

That’s not a fun fact. That’s a very sad fact.

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Naw, not with choking. Shit’s not appealing to me. If I gotta commit attempted murder in order for you to get a nut then i ain’t the guy for you.

I’m so far into the kink would that I genuinely forget vanilla people exist. I LITERALLY want to be choked until I pass out, punched in the face and spit on, and called worthless and sex is like boring to me if that doesn’t happen… I’m stuck thinking like okay what do y’all DO then? Like what is sex without violence I can’t even picture it

Shawty came thru like

Oh my God, reading this was just sad 😞smh. Pornography has destroyed a lot of people.

Women think they’re empowered, and males get to abuse women without consequence. I hope @positively-nudity learns to love herself one day





lesbians don’t need condoms in their bedside tables. they need hair ties.

I mean condoms are so good for women to have safe sex with. You can put your fingers in them for safe fingering or you can turn them into dental dams for safe eating, or you can put them on a dildo to prevent the spreading of germs as long as you put a new one on for every person and orifice. Also trans women exist. Safe sex is important y'all.

The idea that lesbians don’t need condoms is such a dangerous mindset like please know this is not a thing whether or not you’re lesbian 

Anyways actual lesbians don’t need condoms because lesbians don’t fuck men

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can we all just collectively agree to stop

what do any of these even mean

Biplatonic…. would just mean….. that you can make friends with either sex…..

Sapphoaesthetic- i think lesbian relationships are cute?

asensual- … gotta be.. like.. doesn’t do physical pleasure of any kind?? or perhaps no romance (though that wouldnt.. really.. be correct but would make more sense, kinda?)

I had never seen people so eager to hang labels on themselves until I joined tumblr.

what the fuck is pan euro. All the euros? Are you rich?

I think “paneuro” is actually referring to ethnicity, like general white European

They spelled it “panneuro” so I think they are talking about their neurology. I still don’t know what it means.


it’s honestly so depressing when people make the ~haha well I bet you only have missionary sex in the dark at 8pm~ ‘argument’ against anyone who criticises bdsm or kink communities, and we’re supposed to view that suggestion as a hilarious extreme. We’ve reached a point where girls are literally being told (by ‘feminists’, no less!) that there’s something embarrassing, uncool, even shameful about having or wanting sex that doesn’t involve pain and degradation, and that attitude has somehow actually come to be seen as progressive for women.

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men are really out there thinking like this in the year of our lord 2k18

Males have no idea what being a woman is like yet they out here convinced they’re better at it than us.

women are biologically incapable of camping




Imagine being mad at women for being nice to each other and tweeting about it:

Then imagine that tweet backfiring! Lmbo

The entire thread is filled with women complimenting each other. I loved it! ☺️☺️

men will be the first people who’ll say that women are too catty and mean to each other for no reason and “women don’t know how to be friends with each other”, but they also hate when women are nice to each other.

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Why does being a woman put you at greater risk of having anxiety?
Part biology, part what we teach our kids about their place in the world.

May 19 2018

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If I don’t post for a while it’s because the CIA killed me

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Don’t forget that you have rights today because of the courage of trans people fighting for gay equality.

I think it’s been gay people who fought for their own rights lmao



I think lesbians are so bad at picking up flirtation signals because women are so use to male advancement which is brash, direct, and often times uncomfortable or frightening. While a man will shout misogynistic things at you in an attempt to flirt, women will compliment your scent and hope you just get the hint that they like you.

This. Also because rape is always a present threat so you are usually wary of every man around you and notice when he’s hitting on you. Lesbians (and bi women) don’t ever want to make a women uncomfortable like they themselves experienced it by men all their lifes.

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