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February 07 2018

February 06 2018

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white actors: dropped out of school to pursue acting, told a joke once, got discovered  and starred in a blockbuster

actors of colour: attended tisch julliard rada, studied acting for years, did othello, joined a theatre “for people of their ethnicity”, did hamlet, auditioned for everything, did macbeth, won prestigious theatre award that no one cares about, got their big break delivering one line in a blockbuster

Actors of color: still got to change their names to get good roles

Actors of color: have to accept stereotypical roles or bastardise their own cultures

Actors of color: have to wait while white actors tell them to “wait for their turn” because there’s always something more important to do before hiring them

Actors of color: get their careers destroyed over the smallest things while white actors get 2 million second chances

White actors: “yeah I was standing near a truck and some guy told me ‘you look hot, hired’ and now im a millionaire”.

Actors of color: have roles meant for them get taken by white people and get told “why does race matter? the actor with the most talent should get it”
Actors of Color: have roles that SHOULD be for them but have casting descriptions looking for only white people and are turned away when they audition for them
Actors of Color: struggle to find a role not looking for specifically white people
White Actors: “oh yeah, i just got offered this role for a character with a japanese name for this adaptation of an anime and i couldnt pass it up, you know? Lol”

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humans not hibernating is a major flaw as a species

Transwoman who heckled Rose McGowan is a ‘known sexual predator’ claim women




“The event was to promote McGowan’s new memoir ‘Brave’. McGowan is best known for exposing the crimes of serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein.

Now the transwoman involved, identified as Andi Dier of Long Island, NY, is being accused of serial sexual assault by multiple women who claim Dier sexually assaulted them when they were teens.

One of the women posted a message to Rose McGowan today:”


SURPRISE! Narcissistic, entitled trans identified male who interrupts sexual abuse victim at her book signing to make it all about HIM is a pedophiliac predator.

Andi Dier as “Socialist Sex Doll” - says plenty about his autogynephilia and how he sees women:

From Andi Dier’s tumblr likes (his Tumblr is now deleted or hidden):

This was a gif originally flashing between this image and a penis:

Thank you to the awesome womyn who caught these screenshots before he had a chance to hide it.

I’ve been made aware of his other tumblr account: http://tscandii.tumblr.com/ 

Which includes links to a masturbation chat, a cam show, and just some plain old e-begging. What a lovely individual you should totally be backing over a traumatized woman exposing an ingrained culture of assault and rape. 

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untitled by  Francesco Frizzera

February 05 2018

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February 03 2018


A note about preferred pronouns and names

I had a boss who’s legal name was Marvin. His middle name was Scott. He asked everyone at work to call him Scott. People who knew him as Marvin slipped up and called him that sometimes, but he preferred to be called Scott. His employees and peers respected that request. HR respected that request and changed his name in our systems and in his email. It became his name because he asked it to be.

People make the argument that they “just can’t” call trans people by anything other than their deadname because that’s how they know them. Still others will go a step further and say that your self-expression infringes on their rights somehow.

It doesn’t. It’s common decency. Sure mistakes happen; but when someone asks to be called by a particular name, we respect that. If you can do it for cis people, you can do it for trans people.

January 31 2018

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Conservatives can’t govern for the middle class. Seriously. They are incapable. They simply don’t care.

Truth is, we need immigrants. We need new ideas. We need the one consistent thing that has always made America uniquely better: the people of the world.

The only answer Republicans have is to give more money to their wealthy donors and mess with women, POC, LGBT, mothers, children, and immigrants.

It’s called scapegoating. And the reason scapegoating inevitable leads to fascism, those people you promised that “unpopular group x” is the source of their problems will eventually want real action taken against group x.

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Subtle marketing choice

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