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August 07 2017

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Jesus pickup lines (1/?)

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Openly racist cop shared a facebook post that caused a backlash he wasn’t able to handle. After a few attempts to defend that post, he finally understood he made a huge mistake and decided to resign.

People like him should never be around police. Racism is unacceptable, when you are supposed to protect people. The same police officers, who mock and hate black people , arrest and kill them the next day. This is what is wrong with our police, it’s rotten from the inside.


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The sky was pretty last night. 🌅 #nofilter #summersunset (at River Barrow)

August 06 2017

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When someone says these days sexism and misogyny don’t exist anymore show them this.

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fuckin high schoolers in productions of Hair or Rent do gay kisses at age 16 grow the fuck up ben

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- Nature blog ^^

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 don’t even know how to feel about this.

June 29 2017

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The seeds we once had finally have flowers!! #gardeners (at Carlow, Ireland)

June 28 2017


[Softly but with a lot of feeling] fuck


Shoutout to fat girls in the summertime. Shoutout to fat girls who wear jeans even though it’s 90 degrees because they don’t like the way their legs look. Shoutout to fat girls who wear a t-shirt to swim because they don’t like the way people look at their stretch marks. Shoutout to fat girls that only wear dresses with sleeves because they don’t like that their arms aren’t perfectly proportioned. Shoutout to fat girls who wear cardigans with button-downs because they don’t like the spaces between the buttons buckling because of their boobs. Shoutout to fat girls who don’t care about any of that stuff and wear whatever they want. Shoutout to fat girls who don’t want to care about that stuff, but do anyway. Shoutout to fat girls who have to work very hard everyday not to care about that stuff. Shoutout to all fat girls in the summertime. You’re all absolutely fantastic and you’re doing fine. Be patient with yourself, you deserve it.

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The two of us, you and me reordering things together, I want that.

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Volcanic Canyon by Ben Simon Rehn

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June 27 2017

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[What compliment do you most want to hear?] "‘You’re fun to be around.’ I don’t want to be presumptuous, but that would be a nice compliment.“

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